Winter in Massachusetts can be a cold, grey time. Between snowstorms and freezing winds, you might not feel like getting out and exploring. However, there are some places that are actually so much fun to visit while the colder weather sets in. Here are a few places to visit in Massachusetts in winter that you should definitely check out; they’re some of the best day trips you can experience right here in The Bay State:

For starters, one of these hot spots is located right here in "The Beautiful Berkshires":

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Massachusetts' tallest waterfall is Bash Bish Falls located on Mount Washington. Though it stuns visitors with its roaring waters in the summertime, visiting in the winter means witnessing the cascades frozen over and glittering like diamonds. It's a gorgeous sight. Learn more about this beautiful and easy waterfall hike by accessing this link.

A beautiful summer garden, featuring a spectacular display of vibrant blue, pink and purple hydrangea flowers.
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Just east of the Berkshires, you can head to route 9 and check out Smith College Greenhouses in Northampton. If you want a dose of springtime in the winter, this is the place to be. They have been around the Pioneer Valley since 1895 and flowers are kept in bloom all through the winter. Best of all, it's an indoor venue that is open to the public year round. You can plan your trip accordingly by going here.

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Finally, this small Massachusetts town is one of the Bay State's best kept secrets. it's easily accessible heading north or south on Interstate 91 and serves as home base of the Yankee Candle Factory. The answer is: Deerfield, located in Franklin county which is filled with stunning winter sights, especially after a healthy dusting of snow. Stroll the historic streets, learn about our nation's earliest days, and warm up with home made cooking at the Deerfield Inn. Log on to the town's web site to explore more options.


You can also enjoy some hiking at these locations in Berkshire county including Tyringham Cobble in neighboring Tyringham and the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail in Cheshire. Adventurous individuals will definitely enjoy the scenery overlooking our superb vicinity.

BOTTOM LINE: No matter what the season offers, winter, spring, summer or fall, you'll always find something to do in The Commonwealth and that is a guaranteed fact, so my advice is to plan accordingly.

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