The virus isn't just causing stress during the day.  It's also been giving people nightmares.  There's even a website called that lets you submit your dreams and posts the weirdest ones.

Here are four tips from experts to help relieve stress and get a good night's sleep . . .

Structure your day.  When you stick to a routine, you help your body stay in sync with its circadian rhythm.  And that alone helps you sleep better.

Keep your work and sleep spaces separate.  Keeping your work and sleep areas physically separated helps your brain make the mental distinction between the two.  So hopefully, any work stress won't carry over into your dreams.

Skip those late-night "doomscrolling" sessions.  That's the new term for when you can't stop scrolling through depressing news about the crisis.  Don't do it right before bed, for the same reason you might not want to watch a horror movie.

Unplug from technology at least an hour before bed.  You've heard this before, but melatonin helps regulate your body's internal clock.  The blue light from your phone or TV interferes with that, and makes your brain think it's still daytime.

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