Everyone has a bad day now and again, but according to 2,000 working Americans, they have as many as 60 "bad days" a year.

You can double that for me. No..triple it !

Researchers commissioned by the personal fitness and nutrition app Freeletics polled people about how they combat stress, which also revealed how common bad days can be, and what made a day "bad."

Some 80% of respondents say work-related stress ruined their days, while some 67% said lack of sleep did the trick, according to the data posted by StudyFinds.

Other bad day contributors include feeling sick, and having financial troubles.

Needing to take a shower, running out of hot water, having a bad hair day, and having your favorite sports team were also cited as reasons for bad days, but those obviously fall under the umbrella of "first world problems" when compared to, say, lack of clean running water or religious persecution.

Having a bad day also impacted many respondents' health, however: half said they'd be more likely to eat unhealthy food to boost their mood, while 35% said they'd also turn to alcohol.

The researchers, who -- don't forget -- were paid by a fitness app, note that exercise is a healthier option to beat stress and turn that frowny day upside down, though other scientific research does bear that out.

But easier said than done. While 95% of the respondents agreed with the assessment that some gym time is a great stress-buster, only a fifth of those people actually belong to a gym.

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