Have $200,000? Live Like A Bond Villain For A Week In A Luxury Villa With An Underwater Suite

An architect who built the world's first underwater restaurant has seen his latest dream become reality -- and for $50,000 a night, you can experience it: sleeping with the fishes in an underwater luxury suite.

According to Architectural Digest, Ahmed Saleem's Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort was already an innovative paradise on Earth: in addition to the five-star-restaurant Ithaa, which is submerged five meters under the crystal clear Indian Ocean, the resort boasts secluded, luxury bungalows perched on the surface of the water.

However, his newest creation The Muraka, lets you live like a Bond villain -- minus the dreams of world domination. Not only does the above water-portion of the secluded villa boast stunning views, a private jetty, an infinity pool and all the usual luxe refinements, but via a spiral staircase or an elevator, you descend to the underwater hotel room. Around you, fish of all kind flit about, separated only by specially-designed acrylic windows.

The vacation spot usually rents for a $200,000, four-night package, which includes seaplane or speedboat transportation to the location -- again, Bond villain -- butler service, access to trainers, estheticians for facials and the like, and access to that speedboat for your own use. Also, staying there nets you Diamond Honors Hilton status -- and, let's face it, Instagram pics that none of your friends will be able to match.

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