Daily Mail  reports some estimates say Facebook is cited in one out of every three divorces now.  And apparently we're all determined to drive that number even higher.

Check out the results from a new survey on how social media is driving relationships apart . . .

Half of people have secretly checked their partner's Facebook . . . and one in five have gotten into an argument over what they found.

The top five things people look for when they snoop on Facebook are:  Who their partner is talking to . . . what they've been doing . . . seeing who they were out with . . . finding out if they lied about what they did . . . and finding evidence of cheating.

One in four couples get into an argument about social media at least once a week . . . and 17% argue every day.

And finally, one in seven married people have considered getting a divorce over something they saw on Facebook.

Ain't modern life wonderful !


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