One morning several years ago I looked out our WNAW studio window and happened to spy a groundhog wandering through the yard. Thinking of the famed Punxatawny Phil, I dubbed him Berkshire Bob. I saw him a few more times and then, no more.

Earlier this week, before leaving for the day I looked out that same window and was greeted by the sight of this critter, merrily munching his way across the grass.

I'm told that groundhogs don't have a very long life expectancy, except for Phil apparently, who has been around for decades, so I doubt this was Bob himself. Maybe it's Son of Bob (or grandson)? He didn't seem scared of his shadow or of my photo shoot. He even came closer to the window and struck a pose.


So the way I figure it, adjusting his prognosticating cousin's calendar, we're in for an early summer!

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