Anyone likely to be in close contact with others will have to a wear a face covering starting Wednesday, May 6.
Gov. Charlie Baker on Friday signed an executive order making the wearing of face masks mandatory in locations where people cannot socially distance at least 6 feet.
Baker said a significant part of the population is testing positive for the novel coronavirus but shows no symptoms. That means "it's critically important that we all accept the fact that if everybody's wearing a mask it will dramatically reduce the opportunity and the possibility of spread," he said.
Under the order, businesses are authorized to decline admission to anyone over the age of 2 who "refuses to wear a mask or cloth face covering for non-medical reasons," and local municipalities are authorized to invoke fines of up to $300 per violation for anyone violating the executive order.
The governor's executive order specifies that the general public is discouraged from using medical-grade masks, which are to be reserved for "health-care workers and first responders," and Baker reiterated that point in his daily COVID-19 update.
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