Have you ever wondered why Goodwill is sometimes very limited on what they are selling? There's actually a reason for it.

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While a lot of people across the Baystate are trying to get through keeping everything tidy, there's always that one question on what do you do with that clutter?

While donating to Goodwill is always appreciated, there is however restrictions on items they cannot accept for varies reasons.

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Goodwill stores always go above and beyond their limits of accepting many great donations from consumers. Not to mention, you're eligible for a tax deduction if you donate to Goodwill.

Goodwill of the Berkshires and Southern Vermont goes well beyond of accepting donations of clean, gently-used clothing and household items and depend on the sale of these items to support their programs and services. According to IRS Regulations, it is required that the donor determines the “fair market” value of the donation by using purchase receipts or some method of calculating the value at a resale (sort of like online auction sites).

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However, there is a catch like everything else as there's a strict limit on what items on what Goodwill employees can actually accept due to health, safety, environmental, and other federal restrictions.

The rule of thumb is they could decline an item if it's not clean or in such poor condition. Also they are happy to assist those in need when donating like unloading your vehicle, but they can decline if this causes any risks like to property damage or personal injury.

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An entire list of "Items We Cannot Accept" are found on their website and is updated periodically.

Below is an example of what Goodwill Stores cannot accept for donations in Massachusetts:

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