Are you eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot? If so, there is another opportunity for you to make an appointment to get one! According to a media release, Price Chopper/Market 32 supermarkets are offering booster shots at their locations in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. All stores with a pharmacy are offering the shots, including those in Berkshire County.

You do need to schedule an appointment, but don't worry. Price Chopper's online scheduler makes it easy to do. Those who are qualified to get the booster shot can go to the scheduling tool HERE and register today.

The Pfizer COVID-19 booster dose can be administered six months after the initial series completion. The Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommend the Pfizer COVID-19 booster for the following groups:

  • Those 65 years or older
  • Residents of a long-term care facility
  • Those 18 through 64 years of age with underlying medical conditions, meaning one of the following:
    • Cancer
    • Cerebrovascular Disease
    • Chronic Kidney Disease
    • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
    • Dementia or other neurological conditions
    • Down syndrome
    • Diabetes Mellitus: Type 1 and Type 2
    • Heart Conditions
    • HIV
    • Overweight (BMI ≥25 kg/m2)and Obesity (BMI ≥30 kg/m2)
    • Pregnancy and Recent Pregnancy
    • Smoker: Current and Former
    • Sickle cell disease or thalassemia
    • Substance use disorders
    • Stroke or cerebrovascular disease
  • Those 18 through 64 years of age who are at a greater risk because of their occupational or institutional settings, such as frontline workers including grocery workers, health care workers, caregivers for frail or immunocompromised people, people in homeless shelters, and people in correctional facilities.
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Unfortunately, those who received Moderna or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccinations are not eligible for a booster dose at this time.

It's well worth checking with your doctor to see if you are eligible if any of the guidelines listed give you any confusion as to your eligibility status.

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