According to a new survey by PR Newswire, the most common mistake people make on a resume is not customizing it to the job they're applying for.

And the most common mistake in interviews is not knowing enough about the company.

Here are the four most common ways people screw up their resume and cover letter, according to a new survey . . .

You don't customize it for the job you're applying for . . . you have typos or grammatical mistakes . . . you focus too much on your job duties and not your accomplishments . . . and you have too much irrelevant info.

And if you manage to actually send a decent resume and get an interview, here are the top six ways you can blow that . . .

Not knowing enough about the company . . . not being prepared to discuss your skills and experience . . . not being prepared to talk about career goals . . . no enthusiasm . . . showing up late . . . and not making eye contact.

It's all up to you now.







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