I found a list online from Thrillist  of things you learned about driving that are wrong.  And with most of them, it's because the technology in cars has gotten better.  Here are the top four . . .

Don't drive with your hands at 10 and 2.  It made more sense in the 50s when a lot of cars didn't have power steering.  But turning the wheel is a lot easier now.  And because of airbags, it's actually safer to keep your hands at 8 and 4 now.

Don't pump the brakes to keep them from locking up.  Again, it only makes sense if you're in a really old car, because anti-lock brakes do it for you now.  If you've ever hit the brakes and felt them vibrate, that's what's happening.

Don't pump the gas if your car won't turn over.  It used to help when cars had carburetors, but there were fuel-injection systems in most cars by the 1980s.  So now it doesn't do any good.

And don't ride the brakes while you're going over a speed bump.  That doesn't mean you should go over them at full speed . . . you should slow down before you get to a speed bump.

If you hit the brakes while you're going over one, it makes your car lunge forward, so it's harder on your shocks and you feel the impact more.

Happy motoring.

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