Any study that makes me feel less guilty about eating candy every day deserves way more funding . . .

Harvard researchers just put out a new one that found eating chocolate up to six tines a week is good for your heart.

It lowers your risk of developing an irregular heartbeat where it feels like your heart's fluttering.  The technical term is atrial fibrillation.  And it doubles your risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke.

Up to six servings a week can reduce your risk of developing an irregular heartbeat by up to 23%.  And the best part is it looks like any type of chocolate works.

Studies in the past have found health benefits of dark chocolate.  But they did this one in Denmark, where MILK chocolate is more popular.  And that's what most candy bars here are made of.


Throwing down one chocolate bar a day might be overdoing it, but not by much.  The study defined "one serving" as an ounce of chocolate.  And a regular Hershey's bar is 1.5 ounces.  So that's up to four Hershey's bars a week.

Now, obviously there's a lot of fat in there too, so keep that in mind.  But you've now got the green light to stock up on chocolate and claim you're just a health nut.


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