Depending on what you had for a cable hook-up in the 1990s, you may have been able to watch some news stations out of Boston, based on where you lived in Berkshire County.

If that was the case, you may be familiar with one particular reporter and anchor by the name of Uma Pemmaraju. Sadly, she passed away Monday at the very young age of 64 years old. Her cause of death has not yet been released.

I remember watching Uma reporting the news on WBZ-TV out of Boston where she was the anchor of several news programs. Throughout her career, she was awarded numerous Emmy awards for her investigative journalism.

Apparently, the news was in her blood from the moment she was born. Her grandfather was a newspaper publisher in India where her family moved from to the United States, settling in San Antonio, Texas when Uma was a child.

Her news career began in Texas where she worked for San Antonio's TV station and newspaper. She eventually moved on to Dallas where she worked for KTVT-11 as a news anchor before continuing her travels to Baltimore and WMAR-TV where Pemmaraju won her first of many Emmys.

From Baltimore, she moved on to Boston where she worked at WLVI and WBZ-TV. Boston magazine named her "Boston's Best Anchor" in 1996 and 1997. When the Fox News network went on the air in 1996, Pemmaraju was one of the original anchors. She later departed Fox News but rejoined the network in 2003.

Whether it was anchoring a news broadcast or conducting her own investigative journalism, you could always count on Pemmaraju to be informative, insightful, and thought-provoking. She will be missed.

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