The New York Post  ran an article on weird things that can make you gassy.  And they framed it as ways to stop your boyfriend from passing so much gas . . . because obviously women NEVER have issues with that.

Here are five weird things that might be making you . . . or your boyfriend . . . gassy.

1.  Chewing gum.  You swallow a lot of air doing it.  So it makes you pass more gas.  But it doesn't affect quality, just quantity.  So it doesn't make them smell any worse.  Smoking and eating too fast can also do the same thing.

2.  Wearing really tight jeans.  It can prevent stuff from moving through your digestive tract the way it should.  And that build-up can make you gassier.

3.  Eating a lot of carbs.  They contain fructose, lactose, insoluble fiber, and starch.  And all of that ends up fermenting in your intestines, which causes gas to build up.

4.  Not drinking enough water.  Your body has a harder time digesting stuff when you're dehydrated.  So drinking more water can make you less gassy.

5.  Not getting enough exercise.  People who stay active tend to have healthier digestive systems.  Even just going for a walk after a meal can help.

NY Post


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