If you've been feeling a little burned out at work lately, here are five things you can do to improve your work-life balance from the folks at Forbes..

Disconnect your work emails from your phone.  Chances are, you don't need to respond to every email as soon as it comes in.  And if something is really important, they can call you.

Stay out of office gossip.  Even just listening to gossip from coworkers can make your mood more negative. And when you spend time around that negativity in the office, you become associated with it even if you aren't actually doing the gossiping.

Ask for help when you need it.  That could mean from your coworkers, your supervisor, or even a therapist outside of work.  It doesn't make you weak to admit you need a little support now and then.

Ask for clarification of expectations.  It's easy to feel stressed out and guilty when you don't think you're ever doing enough at work.  So ask for clearer boundaries about exactly what's expected of you . . . it'll help you feel calmer and  make the times you go "above and beyond" more apparent.

Join a group fitness class.  Doing a kickboxing or yoga class after work gives you an outlet to burn off steam.  And with a group class, you're likely to build camaraderie and make new friends.


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