It's still not a great idea to have get-togethers and parties yet due to the pandemic . . . but if you're determined to throw one anyway, here are five tips for how to do it as safely as possible.

1.  Hold it outdoors.  There's been a lot of evidence that suggests the virus is more contagious when we're packed indoors.  So if you're going to have people over, set it up outside in the backyard.

2.  Don't do a buffet.  It's going to take a little more work on your part, but single-serving meals are better than buffet-style food.  Like sandwiches and individual bags of chips, instead of chips and dip in a communal bowl.

3.  Serve individual drinks as well.  Like cans of soda, beer, and bottled water, versus a big vat of punch.  It's also less likely that people will mix up their drinks if they're not all in cups that look the same.

4.  Keep the desserts simple.  Cookies and cupcakes work better than a big cake.

5.  Have extra PPE on hand.  Have plenty of hand sanitizer set out, along with some extra disposable face masks if anyone needs one.

Martha Stewart

Featured Image Credit: Carnivore Style

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