The firm INC has been doing a study called the "State of Employee Engagement" has been going on since 2013.  Over 50,000 people from 150 countries have answered questions about their job, and what it would take for them to enjoy it more.

So, here are five things managers might want to keep in mind if they want their employees to be happy . . .

  1. Recognition. 63% of employees don't think they get enough praise.
  1. Feedback. 32% of employees don't feel like they get regular feedback from their boss.  And 31% wish their boss would communicate one-on-one more.
  1. Work-life balance. 23% of people say they often feel drained when they leave work.  And 60% have noticed their job taking a toll on their personal life.
  1. Company alignment. 33% of employees don't think their company's core values align with their own.  And less than half would recommend their company as a good place to work.  (Wow, that seems high?)
  1. Growth. 56% of people don't feel like they have clear opportunities for promotions, or ways to learn new job skills.  And 33% of employees don't think they're paid fairly.

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