If one of your resolutions is to get healthier in 2018, here are five very small changes that don't require a lot of effort. But they can actually make a big difference . . .
1. Start calling yourself a "runner." Or if you like tennis, start referring to yourself as a "tennis player." A study at Winona University in Minnesota found that giving yourself a label like that encourages you to do the activity more, regardless of what it is.

2. Make sure you get a good night's sleep on Tuesdays. A recent study found it's the night we're most LIKELY to get a good night's sleep, because we're less likely to drink or stay out late. So try not to waste it.

3. Put a plant on your desk at work. It makes you more productive, and it can increase job satisfaction by 20%. So it's an easy way to boost your MENTAL health.

4. Record yourself brushing your teeth. If you do it every other day for about two weeks, your technique should get better.

5. Wash your reusable water bottle every day. It seems like you shouldn't have to since you're only putting water in there. But it can actually get pretty disgusting if you don't. Bacteria from your hands and mouth can get in there and then multiply.
So either toss it in the dishwasher every night, or let it soak in water that's mixed with a little bit of vinegar or bleach. Happy 2018 ! Oh ! Don't try the flying bike thing. You're not that healthy......yet.

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