Here are some random facts for you . . .

1.  Christopher Lloyd's character is always hunched over in "Back to the Future" so he doesn't tower over Michael J. Fox.  Lloyd is 6-foot-1, Fox is 5-foot-4.

2.  The first player ever drafted in the NFL never played in a game, because of a contract holdout.  Jay Berwanger was taken as the first pick in the first NFL Draft in 1936 by the Philadelphia Eagles, but they refused to pay him a $15,000 salary.

3.  The Sahara desert is bigger than the entire continental U.S.  The Sahara is about 3.6 million square miles . . . the continental U.S. is about three million.

4.  When Pluto was discovered, some of the potential names were Minerva, Zeus, Atlas, Persephone, Kronos, and Onehtn.  "Pluto" was suggested by an 11-year-old girl in England.

5.  Thousand Island dressing is called "American Sauce" in Germany.

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