We go to food chains like Costco so we can buy food in bulk and don't have to deal with the grocery store for a month.  But unless you're shopping for a lot of people, there are some foods you really shouldn't buy in huge quantities.

Here are five of them . . .

Spices.  Most dried spices stay fresh for two to three years.  But unless you do a LOT of cooking, a huge container will probably go bad before you use it up.

Coffee.  It probably won't go bad, but it will lose some of its flavor and aroma.  So, it won't be as good.

Flour.  It tends to attract and retain moisture, and only lasts about 18 months on the shelf.  So, don't buy too much of it all at once.  You'll know it's going bad if it seems thicker than normal.  And if it smells, throw it out.

Nuts.  They have natural oils that can go rancid, or grow mold.  And even if you CAN eat an entire Costco bucket of nuts in one sitting, they have a lot of calories, so you probably shouldn't.

Condiments.  Again, most of us don't put a ton of them on our food.  So, if you buy a huge bottle of ketchup, there's a decent chance it'll go bad before you can use it up.


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