There was a story this month about a guy in Hawaii who tried to get out of jury duty by shouting, "he's guilty" over and over again.  But instead of being dismissed, the judge threw him in jail.

So obviously you shouldn't lie or do anything that crazy.  But here are five ways to get out of jury duty that actually work . . .

Claim extreme financial hardship.  That's when your employer won't pay you for your time off, and you can't afford to lose that income.

Claim mental or emotional instability.  Things like extreme anxiety or a recent death in the family are usually pretty compelling to a judge.  Especially if you can show you've been seeing a therapist or counselor.

Tell them you have strong opinions about things.  Especially things that pertain to the case . . . like you don't trust cops, or you "know how criminals think."  The judge might not dismiss you for it, but one of the lawyers will.

Tell them you're breastfeeding.  Obviously that one doesn't work for guys.  But if you're a new mom, they'll usually dismiss you.

Being elderly.  If you're over 70, you've got a pretty good shot of being dismissed.  Especially if you act confused when they ask questions.



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