Yes.I know we're a society that reveres mothers . . . and we should.  But that doesn't mean we should shortchange dads.  Yours could've gone out for cigarettes 25 years ago and disappeared, but he chose not to.


A new survey found that fewer people buy Father's Day gifts than Mother's Day gifts . . . and when they do buy them, they spend less.

73% of people are buying their dad a gift this year, versus 83% who bought one for their mom.

We aren't sure if the survey only asked people whose parents are both alive or are both part of their lives.  Obviously either of those things would skew the numbers.

And the average person spends $57 on Father's Day versus $85 on Mother's Day.

The survey also found the number one thing dads want is to spend time with family, followed by gift cards, clothes, big electronics, and gadgets.  Father's Day is a week from Sunday, so get on it.

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