Family members and others struggling to help friends and loved ones with substance abuse challenges have found help online, thanks to a unique social media community.

"When my active heroin-addicted son finally admitted he had a problem, I didn’t know where to turn, where to educate myself," Dawn Campbell told ABC News. "So I turned to Facebook."

Campbell is one of the over 60,000 members -- including addicts and their loved ones -- of a private Facebook support group called "Affected by Addiction."

At a time when nearly half of Americans report having a family member or close friend who has suffered from addiction, according to a Pew Research Center survey released late last year, the online community has become a vital gathering place for both addicts and their loved ones to find support.jj

"I found...a kinship, a fellowship," said member Tracey Mae of the group.

Member Kelly Wicklund added that when it comes to addiction: "it's not just the addict" but "the whole family" that is impacted.

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