The annual Fall Foliage Leaf Hunt, a popular feature of Fall Foliage Festival Week, starts Saturday, Sept. 28. The first set of clues includes three sets of GPS coordinates for geocaching fans.

Twenty colorful leaves have been hidden in North Adams, Adams, Clarksburg, and Williamstown. When a leaf is found it should be brought to Pedrin's Dairy Bar on Curran Highway to claim the prize. (One prize per household please.)

Leaf hunters correctly solving the clues should leave the green leaf at the site so that subsequent hunters will know that the prize-winning leaf has been claimed.

A second set of clues will be announced in the event of unclaimed leaves.

The Leaf Hunt Committee has included an invisible leaf hunt for homebound residents. Interested persons are asked to mail a postcard (or card in an envelope) with the number of the clue and the answer along with their name, address and phone number, to the Mayor's Office of Tourism, City Hall, 10 Main St., North Adams, MA 01247. Only mailed entries will be accepted. In the event of a tie, the earliest postmark will determine the winner.

All leaves and answers should be returned by Oct. 12. A complete list of winners and clue answers will be released at the conclusion of the event.

The first set of clues follows:

1. AU national symbol

2. Evergreen not golden

3. Now favorite fishing hole

4. Colorful former water source

5. Sugary lane

6. Sugary forest

7. Multi-colored hut

8. Church and road of same name.

9. Retire in the Berkshires

10. Not poisonous condos

11. Native American copse

12. Live on the edge

13. Buried under the foliage

14. Leaf peepers by air or land

15. 42.6977370, -73.1108483

16. 42.7118266, -73.0960937

17. 42.6072670, -73.1245140

18. I'm called by one but contain many colors

19. Fall up, not down

20. Weeping foliage

Invisible Leaf Hunt Clues

1. Back in the days to see beautiful fall foliage from an elevated spot you went to _____ ________, on the Clarksburg/North Adams line, also known as _______ _________ on ________________ Avenue where many showers and parties were celebrated.

2. Although we look for colorful red, orange and yellow leaves, this favorite wedding reception and party spot in Cheshire carried the name of _________ _____________. In North Adams the ___________ ________________ tourist home offered rooms while in the Drury section of Florida we associate another color with long-time family business ___________________'s Garage.

3. Near the Adams/North Adams line the _______ __________Bottling Company on ________________ Avenue in the ___________ section produced many favorite flavors.

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