The City of Pittsfield will soon have a very cool way for you to get around... and it's environmentally friendly too! Pittsfield has entered a partnership with mobility scooter company, Bird... and all you need to get started is your smartphone, a credit card, a driver's license, and maybe a little balance.

According to the company's website, BIrd has its mobility scooters in 350+ cities. Now, Pittsfield will be one of them.

Start your ride using the company's app...

It's really a quite cool way to get going. You simply use the mobile app to scan the bar code of the scooter that you want to use to unlock it, kick-off, and you are off and running!


Bird YouTube
Bird YouTube


There are some safety rules...

You do need to follow some basic safety and traffic rules in order to use the scooters, safely. Here are some important rules to abide by:

  • Stay off sidewalks
  • Ride on bike lanes when they are available
  • Use caution at crosswalks: caring for pedestrians and making a full stop
  • Park respectfully: Don't block ramps, fire hydrants, or public walkways


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Check out this video from the Bird YouTube Page:


End your ride using the app...

When you are finished using your scooter, you simply return it to one of the various rental locations around the city, enter your ride, take a parking photo, and you're done.


Bird YouTube
Bird YouTube


When will they be available?

The City of Pittsfield says that the scooters will be arriving in mid-April, to begin with. More will apparently be coming later.

Oh, and of course... you will be needing to get the app. You can download it, HERE.

What do the scooters cost?

According to the company's website, the rental cost is one dollar and then 39 cents for each minute of use. That seems fairly reasonable. It will be interesting to see if this catches on in Pittsfield.


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