Pittsfield native and well-known actress, Elizabeth Banks, recently added to her Instagram story a selfie in front of King Kone on First St. in Pittsfield.

The timestamp as of Monday was 15 hours ago, but nobody remembers waiting on Banks. Slater caught up with King Kone owner Chris Barbarotta to get the "scoop".

"It kind of shocked me, my daughter sent it to me, (Instagram pic), she is in Colorado, her friend sent it to her. I have no idea when she was there! Nobody remembers waiting on her, as you can see in the picture, she had her hat on backward, she was in a mask, I would guess by the size of the ice cream cone, it was probably my sister-in-law on Saturday between 11 and 4 if I had to guess", laughed Barbarotta. "The photo is definitely recent, although she looks like she is dressed for cooler weather, maybe it was Memorial Day weekend, with the weather the way that it was."

King Kone has been in the Zoito/Barbarotta family for about 30 years now. Barbarotta said that they are contemplating the "Elizabeth Banks Cone" now, a vanilla waffle cone with chocolate sprinkles.

Banks has been known to pop into Patrick's Pub when she visits her hometown as well.

Mark Walhberg was seen eating at Proprietor's Lounge recently, as he has been seen in The Berkshires more and more.


Barbarotta joked that Banks had spelled King Kone, "King Cone".

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