One thing I have noticed when looking up celebrities is one of the first suggestions you'll see in a Google search is their net worth. It goes to show that the public is interested in the big stars' financial stats. Some of those celebrities with the big ticket net worths hail from or live in Massachusetts and Berkshire County. For example, we previously featured an article on James Taylor's net worth. If you want to know what his number is, you can check it out by going here. We also featured an article on Massachusetts-born celebrity Mark Wahlberg. His net worth is just out of this world. Yeah, the number is pretty high. You can view and faint at the number by going here.

There's a Berkshire-Born Celebrity That Has a Net Worth of $30 Million

Pittsfield native Elizabeth Banks who has starred in a number of films including 'Spider-Man,' ' Charlie's Angels,' 'The Lego Movie, the 'Hunger Games' and many many more is the Berkshire County native that has a net worth of $30 million. Of course, Banks is successful in other roles in Hollywood including directing and producing. She's also a game show host and hosts a podcast just to name a few of her other successful projects.

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I Wonder if Banks Had a Clue Back in Her Pittsfield Days

It's pretty cool that one of our own has such an illustrious career and a big net worth number. Sure she may have some catching up to do when you compare her net worth number to James Taylor's or Mark Whalberg's but still $30 million is nothing to sneeze at. I'll certainly take it. I wonder if back in the early '90s when Banks was a student at Pittsfield High School if is she had any idea that one day she would be a huge success. Hollywood should do a movie about her life. She could star, direct and produce the film. It would be pretty cool if you ask me.

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