Whether you're a night owl or an early bird says more about you than simply what time you get up in the morning, according to a new survey.

In a poll of 2,000 Americans from each side of that divide, timed to Wednesday's World Sleep Day, the snooze-centric website Sleepopolis,  has compiled other differences between the two types of people.

According to the poll, for example, early birds have sex one additional time a week on average -- three vs. two -- compared to their late-night counterparts.

The poll also notes that night owls are more commonly shy, sarcastic, and single, whereas early risers are more commonly outgoing, happy, and married.

The poll also notes that males more commonly identified themselves as early risers; women identified more heavily as night owls.

Another interesting takeaway: Both morning people and night hours got similar amounts of sleep -- six hours vs. seven hours -- but morning people spent their free time during their waking hours in more physical pursuits, like playing sports or working out.

Night people, by comparison, preferred to chill with a book or nap.

Late-nighters also reported more trouble sleeping than their early bird counterparts as well.

And while early risers more commonly worked office jobs, and on average made more money, they were far more frequently late to work than the night folks.

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