"America Runs on Dunkin." We've all heard it and that's exactly what we do in here Massachusetts. If you haven't had Dunkin at least once in your lifetime, you're not a true New Englander. Unfortunately, for these Dunkin' franchise owners yet again, won't be running on Dunkin' anytime soon. Only on fines. If you remember a similar situation happened back in the Fall of 2022 which you can go back and read here.

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AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

According to News10 NBC Boston, Two Dunkin' Franchises have racked up over $372,000 in fines for violating numerous child labor laws.

Starting with Courtney Donuts and its manager Steven Catalano which operates 20 Dunkin' stores in Massachusetts, including in Devens, Harvard, Groton, Shirley and Townsend were fined over $222,000 for operating without the proper work permits as well as employing minors after 8 p.m. without adult supervision and having 16- or 17-year-olds work over nine hours a day, and before the hours of 6 a.m.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The next franchise, Somerset Donuts Express and its owners Robert Mongeon and Catherine Mello which operates stores in Somerset Donut Express operates seven Dunkin' stores in Somerset, Fall River and Dartmouth. They racked up $150,000 in fines similar to the Courtney Donuts Franchise. Operating without the proper work permits, employing minors after 8 p.m. without adult supervision, having 16- or 17-year-olds work over nine hours a day, and allowing minors to work after 10 p.m.

While this hasn't really been an issue in the Berkshires as far as we're all concerned but it just goes to show something like this can happen even in today's generation with the child labor laws.

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