"America Runs On Dunkin" for it's customers. All this time Dunkin' runs on more violations involving its customers.

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Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

According to Business Insider, Dunkin' is facing a $5 million class action lawsuit based on claims from a group of 10 Plaintiffs across the US that accused them of charging an extra $0.50 to $2.15 for non-dairy milk alternatives in drinks. The plaintiffs suffer from lactose intolerance and milk allergies have all ordered coffee, tea, and other beverages that contain non-dairy milk like soy, oat, coconut, or almond milk from Dunkin' since 2018.

Here's the statement that was made in the lawsuit:

"It is medically necessary for persons like the Plaintiffs to avoid consuming drinks that contain milk as they will suffer adverse health effects if they ingest milk or milk-containing products, including stomach pain, digestive tract inflammation, bloating, bowel irregularities and vomiting."

dpa/picture alliance via Getty I
dpa/picture alliance via Getty I

The lawsuit also explained that the company doesn't charge extra to make caffeine-free drinks for people with conditions like hypertension and even it removes sugar or uses sugar-free alternatives with no extra costs for customers with diabetes. The surcharge at Dunkin' is the same for all Non-Dairy Alternatives, making no distinction among the costs of the various different Non-Dairy Alternatives.

Here's another statement made in the lawsuit:

Lactose intolerance and milk allergies are both considered disabilities and extra costs levied on by Dunkin' "violates the Americans with Disabilities Act," and is considered discrimination as a result.

It also mentioned that Dunkin's revenue in 2021 was over $1.4 billion which means it has the power to control these manufacturing costs for non-dairy milk alternatives. If you remember Starbucks back in 2020 had similar issues they imposed a  "tax" which charged people extra for seeking non-dairy milk alternatives for ethical, environmental or medical reasons.

The animal rights group PETA and vegans protested against the charges across the US. But they are still charging customers extra in the US to this day.

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