As a coffee lover myself, this kind of news just hits me. Okay maybe I'm not that too desperate but I do love my coffee. It's pretty sad that most of my friends and family know my coffee order by heart. Which is a Large Iced Coffee with Extra Cream, Extra, Sugar, and a Shot of Vanilla. Sometimes when it's below 0 degrees out, I'll switch to a hot coffee.

So, what menu item did Dunkin' decide to scrap?

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For all you frozen coffee lovers, it is in deep regrets to remind you that Dunkin' Frozen Iced Coffee has been discontinued. According to, the company ceased the summer treat that's been offered for many years due to the lack of customer demand and sales in the recent months.

Massachusetts customers have expressed their concerns and hopes that Dunkin' Donuts will reverse their decision and bring the frozen drink back to its menu. But it is currently unknown if the company would be willing to do so. As an alternative, customers including myself can still enjoy an iced coffee or for those that crave cold brew coffee.

Remember the Coffee Coolatta?

This isn't the first time Dunkin' has discontinued a menu item. Back in 2017, Coffee Coolattas were another popular frozen drink up until the discontinuation that year after experimenting with lighter-tasting blend coffees.

Is there an item you wish Dunkin' would bring back to the menu? Let us know our station app. 

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