With the 1st heatwave hitting the Berkshires this weekend and into next week, the Mass State police are reminding pet owners not to leave your pet in the car.  Even if you are running into a store for smokes, a lottery ticket or a bag of chips.  Dogs sweat through their tongues and a dog and other pets can overheat very quickly.

We are expecting 90+ degree temps in the Berkshires though at least Tuesday.  If the temperature is 90 degrees, inside your car after 10 minutes the temperature will be 109.  In 20 minutes, the temp jumps to 124 and after just 30 minutes the temperature in your car would be over 129 degrees.  How long would you survive in those types of conditions?  Your dog would be dead.

In a State Police post to their Facebook page, they are reminding bystanders that witness a dog in a hot car should immediately call 911.  If that dog or pet is in destress Mass state law allows you to break a window on the vehicle as long as there has been a good faith effort to locate the owner and after you have called 911.

It is always much safer to leave your dog at home.  Even out for a ride we often will have to make an unscheduled stop.  So, before you grab Brady’s leash and ask him if he wants to go for a ride, think twice.  If you decide to take Brady out anyway…think a third time.  You might just save his life.

Below is the post from the Mass State Police…



The weather forecasters tells us we're about to get a heat wave, so we want to remind you to not leave your pets in your vehicles. Even with the windows open, your pet can get heat stroke, leading to serious injury or death, when they are left in a car in warm temperatures. As the chart shows, even when its just 70 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car will get pretty high pretty quick. This weekend, and always, please don't leave your pets in a parked vehicle. For bystanders who witness a pet in a parked vehicle on a hot day, please call 911. If a pet is in obvious distress and the situation appears dire, state law allows a bystander to make entry into the vehicle to rescue the pet, even by breaking a window, as long as they have made good faith attempts to locate the owner first and have already called and are still awaiting arrival of first responders.

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