It took a team effort for state Fish and Wildlife, Adams animal control and Adams Police who rescued a lost doe from the flood control chute on Winter Street last Friday.

The Berkshire Eagle reports Animal Control Officer Kim Witek, rushed to the flood chutes on her day off after photos of a doe struggling through the rushing waters surfaced on Facebook.

The deer is believed to have entered the flood chute near Aladco on Commercial Street. It continued its trek against the rushing cold water until it came upon a flood chute access point behind the Myrtle Street Apartments. It ran up the ramp, enclosed by a fence, away from the water to ground level.

Luckily. when the situation seemed most hopeless, a MassWildlife representative, Nate Buckhout, showed up and assessed the situation.

Buckhout said one option would be to tranquilize the doe.

After a few minutes, Western District Manager Andrew Madden and an Adams Police officer slowly approached the doe to see how close it would let them get.

The doe appeared to be exhausted and was not moving thus Madden was able to line up the shot. After the puff of air from the gun, Madden gave the small group of onlookers forming around the access point the thumbs up.

Buckhout and Madden lifted the doe into the sled and pulled it to safety. Great job guys.

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