Have you ever wondered how you can become a judge for the Cannabis Cup?  Well, that dream (or hallucination) can become “reality.”  Massachusetts lightened up in 2016 when Mass voters in large numbers checked the “yes” box on “Question 4” legalizing sticky-bud in state. For a number of years now that “yes” vote on the initiative allows residents of legal age to lite up in the privacy of their own home…or their buddy’s home depending who has the better snacks.

To say that weed business in the state and particularly in the Berkshires is a “growing business” (cheap pun I know) is an understatement.  With dispensaries popping up in the Berkshires as fast as the summer corn, there is no shortage of tasty products available for cannabis users whatever the use or the vessel used to consume Mother Nature’s finest.

When it comes to information, education, activism and really spectacular photos, High Times has been a leader in the cannabis industry for decades.  High Times is giving the average Joe (and you can insert your name here) the opportunity to judge Massachusetts grown and produced cannabis products for the Cannabis Cup Massachusetts “People’s Choice” category.

This is the first-ever competition that is open to Mass residents according to High Times.  It works this way… starting Saturday, August 21st a wannabe judge can acquire a judging kit in the category they are interested in judging from one of the participating dispensaries.  Categories include Flower, Pre-Rolls, Concentrates and Vapes, Edibles, and Topicals/Tinctures/Capsules.  Some packages will be even broken up by the three cannabis strains; Sativa, Indica and Hybrid.  The judge can sample the products between August 21st and October 17th and input their product scores online by the 17th.  High Times will announce the winners on October 24th.  Due to the pandemic, there will not be a live Cannabis Cup event.  Judging opportunities are limited and available on a first come first served basis.

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I do have knowledge of pricing, the dispensaries taking part and other information, but because the Feds still consider weed illegal, and I work for a company that regulated by a federal government agency, I do not want to give the impression that I am promoting the sale of “Marijuana” in any way.  My purpose here is to inform the public about a competition of legally grown or produced Massachusetts products.  Like letting you know you can purchase a paper cup to judge your favorite clam chowder at the local Cowda Fest event. I’m sure a Google search of Cannabis Cup with a Massachusetts mention might deliver any information you might need if you are interested.

Always smoke responsibility, be kind to others and eat your vegetables.

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