Massachusetts is no exception when it comes to extremely frigid and cold temperatures throughout New England. But even with temperatures on the mild side recently, you just never know what mother nature could throw at you tomorrow.

What is coldest point in Massachusetts?

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According to, the small town of Worthington which was incorporated in 1768 with a population of only 1,193 people, located in Hampshire County just outside of the Berkshires and Springfield is considered the coldest place in the state. It starts to get cold in December, with a daily average low of 21°F, and then temperatures tend to drop to 16°F in January and 18°F in February. During the winter months, Worthington residents bundle up to enjoy outdoor activities such as sledding and skiing. This town can see a record breaking of 77 inches of snow per year! But surprisingly in the summer, Worthington averages a daily high in June of 76°F, 82°F in July, and 80°F in August.

What else is Worthington home to?


Worthington is home to not only famous artist Aaron Lewis, but a few notable industries such as the manufacturing of maple syrup. There are three sugar houses open nearly year-round, which allows local residents and visitors to learn about the process of transforming sap into syrup. Throughout the winter, visitors can tour the sugar houses and sample maple syrup, as well as purchase locally-made products. And who doesn't love maple syrup in the winter?

Fun fact: Another Massachusetts town known as Chester recorded the coldest temperature in the state on January 22, 1984 which dropped down to a whopping 40 below!

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