Americans have been celebrating Juneteenth this past weekend, the third year since the holiday was given federal status by President Biden in 2021 which is observed on the 3rd Monday of the month.

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The date commemorates the fall of slavery in Galveston, Texas two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued in 1863 to free enslaved African-American people held in the Confederacy.

News of Union troops' victory over the Confederates spread slowly across the South, eventually reaching the shores of Galveston in 1865.

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Montclair State University History Professor Leslie Wilson reiterated:

"We are not celebrating the history of Juneteenth. We are celebrating the symbolism of Juneteenth which is the transition from slavery to freedom"

Howard University Associate Professor Greg Carr also stated an importnat fact about this Federal holiday:

"Juneteenth celebrations are a chance for this country, for the United States to rethink not only its origins, but the relationship of everybody who lives in this country to each other," 

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There are some closures for Monday including schools, all non-essential federal offices are closed as are banks and there is no buying and trading in The New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. County courts and banks are also  closed. There will be NO mail delivery today. Most retail and grocery stores will remain open.

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BRTA offices are closed today, but there is limited bus service. You can get all the latest information by heading to their web site OR call (413) 499-2782.

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Daria Nipot

Packages could still be expected as FedEx and UPS will be making their daily rounds today though operations will be running on Monday for both delivery services.

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