Learning the recent news of Dave Wixsom's passing was a shot in the heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to Dave's wife Joan and the rest of Dave and Joan's family. This is a difficult one to accept. The best thing I can do to cope with Dave's passing is to think back and share the fond memories and experiences I had with Dave in and outside of work. Dave was a great co-worker, man, and friend.

At One Time, Dave Wixsom Worked for Our Company in the Berkshire County Cluster

My friendship with Dave began in the spring of 2007 when he came to work for our company in our Great Barrington office (WSBS Radio). Dave had the knack of not only making our staff laugh, but he brought us closer together making us a tighter unit. When Dave came on board, life at WSBS couldn't be better. Joining the marketing team, Dave was an absolute force of nature. He was bringing on new clients and securing some pretty big accounts on a regular basis. It came to a point where he and Station/Sales Manager Dave Isby, were competing with each other to see who was going to bring in the most money and biggest accounts per month. Dave would have me out doing four-pack remotes over the summer. There was one summer when I did four live broadcasts in as many days from Lee Hardware. In addition, Dave accompanied me in a five-and-a-half-hour remote broadcast from Plaza Package in Great Barrington. Dave knew how to take charge. He didn't need anyone managing him. Dave strapped himself to the rocket ship and catapulted himself to the moon.

Dave Made the Great Barrington Staff More Than Just Co-Workers. He Made Us Family. 

I mentioned earlier how Dave brought us closer together. He and Dave Isby were meeting their sales goal month after month to the point where for about five or six months in a row, Dave Isby would take the entire Great Barrington staff out to dinner to celebrate the station's success. So, not only were we working together, we were spending time outside of work, breaking bread together and as a result, we got to know each other better along with all of our significant others. Our time together went beyond a job, we felt like a family when Dave was with us. None of that would have happened had Dave not joined the team. He was driven, he loved working with the staff in Great Barrington, and he loved his clients.

Dave Played a Pivotal Role in Making Berkshire County's 'Home Free' Giveaway Promotion a Reality and a Success. 

Dave Wixsom planted the seed that turned into the 'Home Free' summer promotion that our company hosted a couple of summers in a row with the Giovine family. Yes, we gave away houses at one time. It was Dave's connection through the Giovine family that the staff became great friends and partners with Mike (R.I.P.), Cindy, and Mikey G. Whenever Dave Isby and I have conversations about Dave, we always talk about how the Dave Wixsom era was the best of times for us, the 'golden era' if you will.

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Dave Wixsom Helped Make My Wedding an Absolute Blast

During Dave's time at WSBS Radio, he started working part-time with Cool Limousine. My wife, Amber, and I naturally selected the company for our wedding. Not only was Dave a guest at our wedding, but he was also our chauffeur. He transported us from our ceremony location in Williamstown to our reception in Pittsfield, in a cherry red limo that was awe-inspiring, to say the least. Dave made our ride both relaxing and exciting. Not only was Dave a tremendous chauffeur he was a great dancer. He added plenty of fun to our special day as he was out on the dance floor with us throughout the entire night. I'm not sure Dave realized the positive impact he made on our wedding but our day definitely wouldn't have been as exciting as it turned out to be if Dave wasn't there. Dave Wixsom was pure fun.

Dave Wixsom Was One of a Kind

Without a doubt, I'll never meet anyone like Dave Wixsom again. He made both our time in and outside of work fun. Whether it was doing remote broadcasts together, competing with him and Dave Isby in a weight loss contest, coming over to my house to sing karaoke in the basement, or having a sounding board to talk to when going through a tough day, Dave Wixsom was a great friend. Not only was Berkshire County a better county for having him, but I'm willing to bet that anyone who knew Dave would agree that they're a better person for knowing him.

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