The officials responsible for the Reopening Massachusetts plan were united in one message on Monday: Massachusetts residents are responsible for the actual reopening.

Phase 1 began on Monday, and each of the four phases will see continued relaxing of the non-essential business closure order Baker made on March 23.
Each of the first three phases will last at least three weeks, Baker said, emphasizing the "at least" part of that sentiment.
The public will be able to follow that data once a week when the commonwealth issues a green-yellow-red ranking of six key metrics laid out in the report: COVID-19 positive test rate, deaths from COVID-19, patients in hospitals with COVID-19, healthcare system readiness, testing capacity and contact tracing capabilities.
"Before and during reopening, these metrics must continue to show progress," the report reads.
As of Monday, two of those metrics were marked green for "positive trend": the COVID-19 positive test rate and testing capacity. The other four were marked yellow for "in progress." A red indicator would be used for a negative trend.
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