One thing I loved as a kid growing up in Berkshire County was going to Coury's Drive-In. Coury's was located on Curran Highway in North Adams and was such a big part of not only my life but the lives of many throughout Berkshire County. I find drive-ins in general both fascinating and exciting but Coury's holds a special place in my heart.

I was quite young at the time when I attended movies at Coury's but what I do remember is quite vivid. I loved swinging on the swings prior to showtime, touring the snack bar, and returning to my parent's car with a variety of treats. There was nothing like viewing a movie from our family car. We would even bring blankets and pillows to make the experience extra comfy.

The two movies that stand out in mind that I saw for the first time at Coury's were "Batman" and "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" both released in 1989.

All good things eventually come to an end and Coury's was sold to Walmart in the early '90s (Ocean State Job Lots is currently in that spot)

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What Do You Think? Should a Drive-In Theater Return to the Berkshires?

I feel we should have at least one drive-in theater in Berkshire County. Think about it, not only is it fun and could create some jobs, but for folks who are still a bit standoffish about going into a movie theater, it's safe as you can watch the movie in your car or even outside and you don't have to be worried about being too close to other folks. I would love to see a drive-in theater in the Berkshires once again. It's been way too long. How about you?

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