Garth. Wynonna. George. Fans can recognize most of their favorite country and Americana artists by one name alone. Their music is so ingrained in us that we know the words to every song and the notes to every melody ... but do we know the names of their backing bands?

Believe it or not, lots of your favorite performers actually have a dedicated name for the musicians who play alongside them. After all, these are the men and women who have a huge part in making their music so iconic on every record and every tour -- they've got to have their own name, right?

Jason Isbell and Alison Krauss fans are likely familiar with their bands' names -- "the 400 Unit" and "Union Station," respectively, often follow Isbell and Krauss' names on album covers -- but the names of the backing bands for Garth Brooks, George Strait and others are bit less well known. Click through the photo gallery above to find out who played with the Strangers, who calls his band the Easy Money Band and which band goes by the Price Tags.

Who else has a great name for their band? Share it in the comments!

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