Winter is a fact of life here in Massachusetts. There's no other way around it. Honestly, summer is my most favorite season because I enjoy being outdoors comfortably without freezing my rear-end off. Although I do remember one Christmas when it was 70 degrees out and everyone was driving around with their windows open.

So, could we see a white Christmas?

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According to the farmer's almanac, as pictured above we're looking at a "Rainy" and "Very Warm" type Christmas this year between December 24 and 26. But then after Christmas heading towards New Years, we're looking at snow and chilly conditions.


The coldest months predicted for January will be particularly stormy, snowy and wet, with the potential for lots of rain and sleet. An East Coast storm is also expected to bring heavy snowfall, cold rain and frigid temperatures during the second week of February. March however, “could go out like a lion” with an extended forecast calling for “wild swings in the thermometer along with East Coast storm will bring a wintry mess to the area during the first week of the month.

Of course, forecasts predicted this early are not 100% accurate but we do get ideas on what to expect this winter. After all, it's never too early to prepare. That reminds me, I got to pull out the snow shovels from the basement in a couple months. The saying goes, don't shoot the messenger about not having a White Christmas as it can be pretty disappointing. Again, only time will tell.

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