Here are some not-so-serious stories I've seen related to the coronavirus outbreak . .

You know when they said you should cover your face with whatever you've got around the house?  This a-hole found the exception.

A guy went grocery shopping in Santee, California on Saturday and had his face covered with a KKK hood.

Designers have created a futuristic rave suit that would protect you from coronavirus . . . it includes a full face mask, built-in speakers, and an in-suit beverage and vape supply.  For now it's just a prototype.

3.  A woman in Kentucky is going viral after she cut a large hole in her mask to make it, quote, "easier to breathe."

An entire circus has been stuck in a parking lot in Texas for almost two months.  The Cirque MonteCarlo circus had just started its 35-city tour when the pandemic hit . . . so they've just been quarantining in this parking lot ever since.

Starbucks is now starting to re-open some of its stores.  It's been drive-thru only for more than a month.

With less inventory available, florists are scrambling to make sure they have enough flowers available for Mother's Day.

A woman in South Carolina was arrested on Saturday for going on a licking  spree at a grocery store.

And the police in Michigan are looking for a guy who wiped his nose on a Dollar Tree employee's shirt after she asked him to wear a mask.


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