The town has to devote some time and money to making sure municipal services are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. reports the Select Board this week heard the results of a self-evaluation that the town conducted with help from Kessler McGuinness & Associates, a Newton architecture firm.

A good example is the town's hiking trails, which may not have adequate handicapped-accessible parking spaces marked but may not, as a practical matter, need them.

Town Manager Jason Hoch told the board that he was unable to find a similar self-assessment and complementary transition plan in the town's records, and he is surprised how many towns do not have one considering the ADA dates back to 1991.

Other items on the town's list are infrastructure, including repairs to a ramp at the back of town hall, a re-graded ramp at the front of the building, additional handicapped accessible spots at the North Street site and the renovation of bathrooms to make them accessible.


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