The Bennington Banner reports an apparent error in the distribution of ballots during the Pownal Vt. primary election has several Pownal residents calling for an investigation into the matter, with some advocating that a revote is scheduled.

In a post on the Pownal Front Porch Forum and a letter to the Bennington Banner, Marlena Pellon said that residents "had their right to voter privacy violated by being forced to select a primary ballot at the check-in table instead of being provided all 3 ballots and privately completing a ballot of choice."She added that "[Vermont] voting laws are very clear that residents do not need to declare their party affiliation during a primary ."

Will Senning, director of Elections and Campaign Finance with the Secretary of State's Office, said Friday that he was aware of the complaint, and if the details are accurate, correct voting procedures were not followed.

He said there also seems to be confusion among some residents over the difference between a primary and a November election, in which all of the party candidates are on one ballot. Brownell said he wonders if additional confusion would result if some voters tried to fill out more than one ballot after being handed all three as they arrived to vote.

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