The Berkshire Eagle  reports residents of Clarksburg will close the month with a vote that could take them to an educational frontier.

At 6:30 p.m. July 31, townspeople will decide whether to join neighboring Stamford, Vt., in backing a plan to combine their small elementary schools. Residents of the Vermont town voted 58-29 on Monday to support a merger.

On Wednesday, the Clarksburg Select Board set the July 31 date for a special town meeting at the Clarksburg School.

As in Stamford this week, Clarksburg residents will approve or reject a plan to use the Stamford School to provide prekindergarten through Grade 2 classes for both schools.

The proposal is believed to be the first cross-border school merger attempted by the states. The schools are located about 4 miles from each other on Route 8.


If combined, the plan calls for the schools to be part of the North Berkshire School Union, to which Clarksburg already belongs.

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