The Clarksburg Senior Center appeared headed for closure, but now the center's board says it will continue operating the facility in hopes of finding a new team to take over the operation.

The Berkshire Eagle  reports Shirley Therrien, vice chairwoman of the board, had previously announced that the center would close on Wednesday.

Therrien noted at the time that the board needs seven members to have a complete board, but with several vacant positions, and one board member having died last week, there are only five left. '

Therrien is 82.  But after meeting with nearly a dozen Clarksburg residents last week, the board decided to push on and keep the center's hours and listed activities, including bingo night every other Tuesday.

Therrien said they just couldn't bear to close the place.

We're going to work through our problems one day at a time until things are the way they're supposed to be," Therrien said. "If it takes two or three months, we won't quit till it's done."

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