The Clarksburg School Committee is pushing to have a new secure entryway installed before the end of February -- the deadline to use a $35,000 state grant.  reports the aggressive time frame means that teachers will be asked in upcoming negotiations to agree to a two-week holiday break, starting with a half day on Friday, Dec. 20, and ending on Friday, Jan. 3.
"It would be ideal to be able to start that on that day, given our timeline and the aggressiveness of getting this project done while students are not in the building," said Principal Tara Barnes at Thursday's meeting.
School Superintendent John Franzoni said starting work on that Friday would be part of the bid process, which also would outline work being done over Thanksgiving, Christmas break and, if necessary, February vacation.
The new entry will include a safety glass airlock that will allow the office personnel to see who has entered and be able to buzz them in. The office on the right side of the entry will have a safety window installed and dropbox and the office's exterior door will be replaced with a safety glass window.
A second phase of work is hoped to start later in the year to create a second office within the administrative area.

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