The Berkhsire Eagle reports Thursday, Clarksburg voters gave a resounding green light to study merging Clarksburg, which is a part of the North Berkshire School Union, and Stamford into a single pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade district.

The schools are less than four miles apart, so their potential merger would bridge communities that share similar demographics and cultural connections.

But because a state border separates them, such an agreement would be unprecedented.

Thursday's vote — which was unanimous and required little discussion — does not authorize the districts to merge.

Instead, it only one step on a long line of approvals that the districts will need before a merger takes place — a process that will include several hurdles over which the schools could trip.

Leading up to Thursday's vote, town and school officials from Clarksburg and Stamford offered more insight into their plans, including during an informational session held at the school last week.

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