When it comes to photographing nature's beauty, Berkshire County is a prime place for this popular pastime. If you want to see many photos of Berkshire County's natural landscapes check out The Berkshires Facebook group. We certainly have a number of talented photographers and photo enthusiasts throughout the Berkshires. The people in this group capture everything under the sun including sunsets, the sun rising, animals, the winter sky, and more all throughout Berkshire County. Many of these photos are very relaxing and breathtaking. It's no wonder more and more people want to spend time in our beautiful county.

Recently we shared with you a couple of videos of a beautiful Bald Eagle on the ice at Cheshire Lake. If you missed those videos you can check them out by going here. Now, we have a collection of photos at the lake.

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This past Saint Patrick's Day 2022, I was driving to and from my mother's house in Cheshire. When passing Cheshire Lake, I had to stop and take some photos as the lake had a foggy, eerie mist coming off of it. Perhaps it was the rainy weather mixed with the mild temperatures and the ice on top of the lake. Whatever it was that caused this visual, it made for something that looked like it could be the backdrop of the next big horror movie. It was also a very cool look in my opinion. I'm glad I captured this particular day at Cheshire Lake on camera and am able to share the photos with you. Check them out below.

My father-in-law also sent me some photos of Cheshire Lake from the past February when he was ice fishing. This day was a bit less misty.

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