iBerkshires.com reports  the Board of Selectmen meeting was called to order Tuesday with five members for the first time in town history.
The most pressing issue of the evening proved to be the rapidly deteriorating roads within Pine Valley Trailer Park. The trailer park is owned and operated as a private business and the town is not responsible for maintaining the roads but board members feel it's reached a point where emergency vehicles and residents well being are in jeopardy. The issue at hand is whether or not to spend public money on private roads.
New Select woman Michelle Francesconi noted that the condition of the road is not a recent development.
Chairman Robert Ciskowski said the management company that runs the park had a short lived plan several years ago to fund the repairs.
New board member Ron DeAngelis cited the revenue the town receives as softening the blow should they choose to repair the roads.
Town Administrator Edmund St. John III agreed on the safety issue but wants to proceed with caution.
After lengthy discussion the board agreed the first step would be for town counsel, along with the fire and police chiefs, to engage with the management of Pine Valley.
In other business St. John said the town has received at least nine applications for the vacant Highway Department superintendent position and the board was eager to start vetting the applicants. Ciskowski in particular said he wants it on the "fast track."
Improvements at the former Cheshire School also continue as it is readied for new tenants.
Work is also being done at the school building for the arrival of the Youth Center from its current home in Adams.
The next meeting of the Board of Selectmen is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 27, at 6:30.

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